Outside Serrated Cable Tie

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The ever increasing demands within the mass transit, automotive and data cable installation industries for tighter bundles have led to problems with the conventional inside serrated cable tie design causing damage to cable insulations, especially in vibration environments.

These outside serrated cable ties offer the ideal combination of high specification materials and superior design to meet the needs for bundling and securing thin-wall and soft insulated cables. Developed to meet specific applications where thin-walled or soft insulation wires or cables are used (example: aerospace and automotive cable harnesses, Mass Transit and medical apparatus).

♦ Material: Nylon 66, UV 94V-2
♦ Color: Natura, Black
♦ Outside serrated cable ties are particularly suitable for bundling and fixing of sensitive bundle property.
♦ Operating temperature: -40℃ to 85℃

Outside Serrated Cable Ties

Outside Serrated Cable Tie

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