Heat Stabilized Cable Ties

Price: $0.18 – $1.68/Bag

Quantity: 5000.0 Bags(Min. Order)

Customization: Customized packaging (Min. Order: 100000 Bags)

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Heat stabilized cable ties have locking barbs that anchor inside the head, ensuring a strong, reliable and long-lasting fastening under adverse conditions. These versions are heat stabilized (+105°C). Rounded edges on the head and strap provide comfortable handling and eliminate the sharp edges that might otherwise damage the cables. The gradual transition from strap to head protects against breakage at the head: strap junction.

The notchless body reduces stress concentration points, making these heat stabilized ties stronger and more slender than conventional ties with notched bodies. The low-profile design of the head facilitates secure tying in tight spaces. No serration means infinite adjustment, tensioned right every time. Stippled surfaces prevent the tie from slipping around and along with the bundle, under vibration conditions or external shock. An angled (turned up) tail not only simplifies and speeds up insertion into the locking head but also facilitates pick-up from a flat work area.

♦ Material: Nylon 66,UL 94V-2
♦ Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 130℃
♦ Color: Natural(light green)

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: HUIHUA
Model Number: HS-HT
Type: Self-Locking
Material: Nylon 66
Operating Temperature: -40℃-130℃
Color: Natural(light green)
Fire Rating: 94V-2

Supply Ability

5000.0 Bag/Bags per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Polybag +label, others are available.


Heat Stabilized Cable Ties

Material  Nylon 66
Fire Rating  94v-2
Operation Temperature  -40 degrees to 85 degrees
Color  Natural(White) ,UV black and other colors are available
Certification  UL, ROHS, SGS, ISO9001-2000
Size  HS-C ,Width is 4.8mm, length included (120mm,150mm,190mm, 200mm, 250mm,280mm,   300mm,350mm,370mm, 400mm,450mm, 500mm,530mm).


Item Number L W(mm) Max Bundle dia(mm) Tensile strength
HS-80A-HT 3.1 80 0.1 2.5 16 18 80
HS-100A-HT 4 100 0.1 2.5 22
HS-120A-HT 4.7 120 0.1 2.5 30
HS-150B-HT 6 150 0.14 3.6 35 40 180
HS-200B-HT 8 200 0.14 3.6 50
HS-300C-HT 11.8 300 0.19 4.8 82 50 220
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