Extra Heat Stabilized Cable Ties(PA46)

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Heat stabilized cable ties are recommended for applications when resistance to higher temperatures is necessary. While general-purpose Nylon 66 works effectively in many applications, the addition of effective heat stabilizing material enables heat stabilized cable ties to perform effectively in temperatures up to 221 degrees F. Heat stabilized cable ties are black in color. The one-piece construction allows for consistent performance and reliability.

Heat stabilized cable ties are used in continuous or extended exposure to high temperatures and meet UL standards for electrical applications.

General-purpose nylon will have a reduction in physical properties and fatigue as a result of high temperatures. Nylon cable ties containing specially formulated heat stabilizers provide additional thermal endurance. Heat stabilized cable ties are engineered for continuous exposure to temperatures above 185°F which meet UL standards for electrical applications.

♦ Material: Nylon 46,UL 94V-2
♦ Operating temperature: -40℃ to 150℃
♦ Color: Natural(deep yellow)

Quick Detail

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: HUIHUA

Model Number: HS-HT

Type: Self-Locking

Material: Nylon 66

Operating Temperature: -40℃-130℃

Color: Natural(light green)

Fire Rating: 94V-2

Supply Ability

5000.0 Bag/Bags per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Polybag +label, others are available.


 Heat Stabilized Cable Ties

Material  Nylon 66
Fire Rating  94v-2
Operation Temperature  -40 degrees to 85 degrees
Color  Natural(White), UV black and other colors are available
Certification  UL, ROHS, SGS, ISO9001-2000
Size  HS-C ,Width is 4.8mm, length included (120mm,150mm,190mm, 200mm, 250mm,280mm,   300mm,350mm,370mm, 400mm,450mm, 500mm,530mm).


Item Number L W(mm) Max Bundle dia(mm) Tensile strength
HS-80A-HT 3.1 80 0.1 2.5 16 18 80
HS-100A-HT 4 100 0.1 2.5 22
HS-120A-HT 4.7 120 0.1 2.5 30
HS-150B-HT 6 150 0.14 3.6 35 40 180
HS-200B-HT 8 200 0.14 3.6 50
HS-300C-HT 11.8 300 0.19 4.8 82 50 220
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