Cable Ties Series

Cable Ties Series

How to determine the quality of the cable tie?

Cable tie is the most popular and economical product provided by Huihua. The demand for cable ties we produce and supply is very large. Not only because of their reasonable price, but also because of their inherent quality.

1. Observe the appearance of the cable tie. Good quality products are very uniform in appearance and color, with no impurities embedded in them. Poor quality cable ties have many bubbles, impurities, gaps, and scorch in their products.

2. Observe the bite teeth of the cable tie.  Bent teeth that are easily deformed and irregular, and the binding of the items is not strong. Good quality cable ties have neat teeth and are not easily deformed.

3. Check the product manual. Understand the cable tie material. The characteristics of the cable ties made of inferior materials are extremely bad. Easy to break, easy to age, and short service life.

4. Test the endurance of cable ties. If it breaks as soon as it is pulled, then the product will definitely fail.

5. See if the product has a quality verification trademark.

Cable ties and more experience

Cable ties and more products have been supplied and cooperated with our manufacturing partners to ensure that we provide the best quality cable ties and cable tie accessories for more than 10 years. We have extensive experience and test data to prove that the quality of our cable ties is second to none.

Common zipper tie application?

One of the most common applications of cable ties is to support and keep cables, wires and other objects in place. Therefore, the quality of the cable tie is very important. Cable ties use the original nylon resin in the manufacture of most types of cable ties to ensure consistent good quality.

Wahsure Electronics ensures the provision of different sizes and types of cable ties suitable for each specific type of application and its requirements. For example, it is recommended to use stainless steel zip ties for applications resistant to various chemicals, salts and acids. In addition, another example is Velcro straps and straps, which are ideal for temporary and reusable bundling and bundling wires.

Wahsure Electronics is proud to have high quality and reasonable cable ties. These straps come in different materials, lengths and colors. End-users must understand their application requirements in order to properly utilize cable ties with appropriate capacity and strength.