Cable Clips& Tie Mount Series

Cable Clips& Tie Mount Series

Cables are indispensable in this highly technological day and age. In ordinary homes, you will find a cable connection between the TV, DVD player, desktop computer, speakers and a video projector. With the popularity of mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops, charger cables are also critical to ensure that proper battery power is maintained.

Outside the home, cables have countless other applications in commercial and industrial environments. In the work environment, they are found lurking behind computers, telephones, printer stations and other electronic devices. Their main function is to realize the functions of communication, signal transmission, instrumentation and control. And is the basic component of transmission equipment, multipoint and single-ended networks, converters and repeaters. At industrial sites, cables are essential for a wide range of markets: electrical, factory automation, natural gas production, steel, oil refining and petrochemicals, pulp and paper, and wind, electricity and solar power.

Because they are an indispensable tool for various transmission operations, the cables must be neatly organized and avoid hindering and blocking the cables. The best way to use multiple longer cables in any space is to use Cable Clips.

What is Cable Clips?

Cable Clips are a device used to manage and fix wires and cables to fixed points on surfaces such as walls, ceilings, or floors. In-home and industrial applications, a variety of cable clamps can be used to control almost all numbers and sizes of cables of various sizes and shapes.

How does the Cable Clips work?

Usually, the Cable Clips contain two important components: a mechanism for safely gathering the cables together. Another device for quickly fixing the entire cable clamp (and collected cable) to a single point on the surface, thereby keeping the entire harness in place.

Cable ties are used to organize various cables, such as those used in computers, entertainment systems, or networks. They are usually disposable or reusable plastic, nylon, rubber or velcro strips.

Reasons for using Cable Clips

  • Keep the cable organized and prevent it from tangling.
  • Keep the cable hidden to make your environment look clean.
  • Prevent children or animals from tripping over the cable, which helps prevent the cable from disconnecting and damaging the cable connector or other hardware.

Cable Tie Mount Series

The cable tie mount is a simple solution for fixing wire harnesses or other objects to the desired surface. After peeling off the backing paper, a cable tie with tape on the back fixes the cable tie on the surface. It can be fixed with self-tapping screws inserted into special holes.

Cable tie mount is the perfect companion for cable ties. They allow a user to mount cable ties just about anywhere. Cable ties can be inserted in 4 different directions which gives greater flexibility in mounting bundles.